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Some years back, I went through a very difficult phase of my life. Everything started going upside down. I had marital turbulence and I lost a lot of money and investments during a space of 2 years. In that short space of time , my eyes opened to many challenges faced by women that prevent them from becoming their best version. Fastforward to 2019, I find myself making a call to my fellow women to support this initiative which I believe is at the core of your heart as well.

Women are the best creators and innovators and can be the conduit that other women need to cross that bridge or go over that cross-roads they face, As a woman, you may also have your fair share of troubles that you have overcome or are still overcoming. Would it make sense to invest in a project that  helps other women? It is my belief that when we step out to help others we are opening the gates to our own life, prosperity and success. What would it mean for you to be counted among those who collaborated to assist a sister in distress or in need?

At the core of my heart is a project that Spirit has placed as a deep, burning desire and that is at the center of my mission. I have started taking action to fulfill this desire and among other things, I have started a community in my city and those surrounding, to begin to connect women who need healing from traumas of abuse, inflicted by relationships, families, societies and those they hold dear.  I believe that a lot of great women have been wounded one way or the other and this is greatly affecting their potential and blocking them from connecting with their purpose.

Can we walk together on this?

Our next stage is to build a center, a holistic center where women can access healing and empowerment programs and serve as a getaway from the busyness of everyday life. I have set aside at least 10 hectares (25 acres) of virgin, forested land with a seasonal stream that runs through as location of this center. It is an ideal location as it is far from the madding crowd outside the city of Harare in Zimbabwe, Africa. How did I get this land, I cannot explain but suffice to say -divine providence for this purpose?


So here's my invitation to you as an empowered woman to give back to your tribe of women who are challenged to make it happen for their sisters. Let's create harmony on the earth by raising the standard of the feminine gender . Let's support our cause for women empowerment in all spheres i.e Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Economic and Financial. Contact me for more details -->   : DONATE

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