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Some years back, while in the midst of strife in my life and a rocky marriage, I felt Spirit/God/my divine guidance was speaking to me about why negative things were happening to me in the way they were. It was as if what I was experiencing was a demonstration of what many women were going through and would be going through for some time. As I cried out for divine intervention as a spiritual being that I am , I felt like I had the answers to my problems and to the problems of many women around me. So, it was important that how I overcame my challenges would be a stepping stone to the interventions I would bring to these women. It was not so clear back then, but now with more consciousness and seeking revelation about what life is all about, I have developed a deeper understanding of what exactly this intervention needs to be. Of course it will continue to evolve as more wisdom downloads and I am open to receive. I have come across circumstances, people and relationships that have served to confirm that I am supposed to serve my fellow women while I am still here on this planet.  I am a healer among my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, family and the outside world. Love is the tool that is at the center of this mission. We are commanded to love ourselves, love our neighbor the same way we love ourselves and love our creator with all our might and our thoughts. I have seen this demonstrated in our community. Now, how can I begin to impact the world if I hate myself, if I hide what is within me, if I am afraid to speak because I fear what others will say. If love conquers all, then let’s put it to the test.

At the core of my heart is a project that Spirit has placed as a deep, burning desire and that is at the center of my mission. I have started taking action to fulfil this desire and among other things, I have started a community in my city and those surrounding, to begin to connect women who need healing from traumas of abuse, inflicted by relationships, families, societies and those they hold dear. The next thing would be to emerge as an empowered woman who can stand and choose, and be able to pick up the pieces and claim her magnificence. I believe that a lot of great women have been wounded one way or the other and this is greatly affecting their potential and blocking them from connecting with their purpose.

My next stage is to build a center, a holistic center where women can access healing and empowerment programs and serve as a getaway from the busyness of everyday life. I have set aside at least 10 hectares (25 acres) of virgin, forested land with a seasonal stream that runs through as location of this center. It is an ideal location as it is far from the madding crowd outside the city of Harare in Zimbabwe, Africa. How did I get this land, I cannot explain but suffice to say -divine providence for this purpose?


 So what do I need support with…If I love myself and this mission, then I should learn to ask and this is the essence of this article. I am now fundraising for the construction of this center, starting in the year 2017. I have set up a platform to accept donations through crowdfunding. The beauty of this platform is that everyone can choose how they want to give. If you have a project of your own and would like to also fundraise on the platform, then you have to donate to other projects first before you can set up your own project. Then we work as a team to fundraise for our projects and in turn receive donations from other fellow fundraisers and the public. In this case, you need to open an account first. The other option allows anyone to make a free donation of any amount without opening an account as you may not have a project of your own. In that case you would just click on the “Open donation “button.  I would be very grateful for your freewill donation on my link (you can contact me on my Skype link once on the platform if you need assistance) : DONATE

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