Movement: Building a community of spiritually conscious, empowered women, who are anchoring love and compassion to bring healing to a broken world , by focusing on relationships as the foundation for peace and harmony.

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Are You Part of a Bigger Vision?
Does it mean that some are part of a bigger vision without knowing it? Yes, not everyone knows their purpose and not all are conscious of why they were created. Knowing requires a process of waking up and remembering the mission and this is a topic worth discussing on its own. Yet some people, are born fully aware or with a strong sense of what they have to do. They only need a little nudge and they take off.

o   So who is this for?
You are a Female Visionary, teacher, minister, coach, intuitive and spiritual healer from Africa and Beyond. You have a knowing that You are here on earth to accomplish something. You have a vision, calling or purpose to fulfill.

However, you are struggling with any of these:

1.      Fully understanding , connecting with or embracing your vision

2.      Fear of what this path may entail (Courage to step out)

3..      Lack of knowledge of how to step out and be seen/heard...

4.      Fear of failure/Fear of success

5.      Developing your message to the world/creativity

6.      Attracting Money/ Creating Money

7.      Getting Rid of past pains and disappointments

8.      Clearing blocks on the path of success

9.      Time management and shifting from survival to thriving

10.  Stuck in unproductive relationships

11.  Need a support structure and others supporting you


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If you have a YES to any of the above and need support, Our 90-DAY PURPOSE DISCOVERY PROGRAM is now Live in the Members Area (Insert your details in the form above to receive details of how to become a member and access this program-->)

 In this Program you will :

§  Learn why it's important to raise your awareness

§  Know the benefits of living a conscious life , fully aware of your thoughts

§  Become aware of your core belief system and how this could be blocking you from living the life you desire

§  Start eliminating the beliefs that no longer serve you

§  Critically assess what is working and not working in your life

§  Identify your desires , needs and wants plus your core values

§  Identify your life purpose , what you are here to do

§  Identify your vision. how you want to live your life purpose

We invite you to connect with like –minded women in a safe , supportive online community. Let your Light Shine!

Our Vision: A world where women are healed and empowered to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Our Mission: To help women attract love and healthy relationships, heal from rejection and abuse and rise above their life challenges to become their best version, connected with purpose.

We do this by bringing women together in community and one on one through our healing programs .

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We are raising money to build our first Women's Healing & Empowerment Centre. The land is available , now we need your partnership to see this vision materialize. We are accepting FREE


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